Cannon operating ARL SEMQ electron microprobe.

                               LABORATORY for MINERALOGY and MATERIALS ANALYSIS

Employing     * Electron Microprobe Analysis    * Scanning Electron  Microscopy     * X-Ray Micro-Analysis  

                                *X-Ray Diffraction and *Petrography  *Electron Microprobe Standards

                                                         Bart Cannon, owner and analyst since 1984 

                    1041 NE 100th Street, Seattle, WA 98125      206 522 9233

JEOL JXA 8600 Superprobe being installed​.

Single phase electron probe analysis      $40
Multiphase electron probe polished section.  $150/hour
Scanning Electron Microscope images $10 ea 5 image min.
X-Ray Diffraction Pattern. $50.
X-Ray Diffraction with interpretation. $100 / hour